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New album

The Ocean Of Unspoken Words

Order started ! www.rockcompany.nl





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The Ocean Of Unspoken Words


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The First Cosmic






Way Of The King


Musea Parallele

"Way Of The King" album




Childhood's End?


Musea Parallele

"Childhood's End?" album






About the Author

SUNRISE AURANAUT is a Russian studio project, led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Vitaly KISELEV, who creates music in the Progressive/Art rock/Crossover/Symphonic prog and Prog metal genres, inspired by the classical school of Prog 70s. KISELEV cites the creativity of GENESIS, YES, E.L.P., CAMEL, URIAH HEEP, ELOY and HAWKWIND, as his major influences.

Between 2009 and 2012 he produced three demo albums, "Way Of The King'', ''Childhood's End?'' and ''Spirit Of The Rain'', before being discovered by Musea Records.

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December 01 / 2017 /

Completed recording a new album

Completed the recording of their fifth album, which contains 10 tracks. The new album is called "Inserter".

July 07 / 2017 /

Record the next album

I'm glad to say that the next, fifth album is already in the works. Now in work there are 5 tracks. This is half the album, so in general it is already possible to judge what will be the music of the new album and what is its difference from the previous disc. Perhaps, the new tracks are slightly more, on the one hand atmospheric-romantic, and on the other hand psychedelic.

May 26 / 2017 /

• New album •

On Rock Company label has officially released a new instrumental album «The Ocean of Unspoken Words».

CD Packaging is designed as a double (with a turn) digisleeve (14x12,5cm).



April 24 / 2017 /

The pre-order of CD

The pre-order of CD «The Ocean Of Unspoken Words» open at www.rockcompany.nl.

April 02 / 2017 /


A video of the title track from album "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words" has been added to YouTube.

March 25 / 2017 /

The contract for the release of the album "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words"

Signed a contract with the Rock Company label to release of the fourth instrumental album "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words".

The release will be in late may 2017.

December 12 / 2016 /

"The Ocean Of Unspoken Words" improve

Significant positive changes were primarily the sound of the album "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words". Improve and expand many of melody and arrangement, giving more energy, strength, dynamics, cleanliness and atmosphere. Added or changed some of tonality, harmony and structure. Additional written or edited guitars and keyboards. Part compositions become longer.

October 11 / 2016 /

"The Ocean Of Unspoken Words" is available on myspace

Not yet officially released the album "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words" is available for streaming on myspace.

October 08 / 2016 /

Made the mixing of the new album

Made the mixing and mastering of the new album "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words". Also finished the album cover.



July 08 / 2016 /

Completed recording a new album

Completed recording a new album, which lasted about 9 months. Album duration a little more than 49 minutes is called "The Ocean Of Unspoken Words".

The final track listing for the album is:

1. Perseids  (7:00)

2. In A Room With Many Mirrors  (3:01)

3. The Last Meeting  (5:02)

4. Who Is There?  (5:37)

5. The Ocean Of Unspoken Words  (7:18)

6. Free Wind And Home Draft  (4:29)

7. The Secrets Of Nightlife  (3:55)

8. The Great Dumb (Cinema)  (5:07)

9. Late Night Is Early Morning (After The Holiday)  (8:23)

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