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Childhood's End? (2013)

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Àëüáîì "Childhood's End?"

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Published in the year 2013 on the Musea Parallèle label, "Childhood's End ?" reflects the musical breath of the Progressive rock of the Seventies, made popular by the likes of YES, EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, ELOY, CAMEL or Manfred MANN'S EARTH BAND. Here's a contemporary personal vision of childhood, illustrated with the beauty of Nature, boundless inner freedom, a sea of energy, vivid feelings and images, mystical fear, mystery, magic and belief in miracles... Throughout the album, quiet and peaceful parts alternate with fast and energetic sequences, linked with a cosmic inspiration. Keyboards and electric guitar rule, leaving room for acoustic guitar though. All this is combined with a powerful rhythm section.


1. Dream  (4:42)  Video Dream on YouTube

2. In Shining Haze  (4:30) 

3. Meridians  (4:02

4. Creation  (9:14)

5. Return Of The King  (8:05)

   a) Foster-son / b) Emperor Of The Galaxy

6. Galactic Weapon. Part 1 - Getaway Of Star Wolf  (11:40)

   a) Threat and Readiness / b) Pursuit and Passion /

   ñ) Emptiness / d) Rescue

7. Childhood's End?  (5:28)

   a) Serenity / b) The Fear Of The Adult World / ñ) This Is Life

8. Mirage  (4:10)




© Vitaly Kiselev - music and produced, arrangement, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, recording and mixing, design.

Release date: April 2013

Lebel: Musea Parallèle (France)




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