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Way Of The King (2013)

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The instrumental concept-album "Way Of The King" is mostly in the symphonic Progressive rock genre, with frequent incursions into Progressive heavy-metal territory. Music on this album illustrates stories from the life of the king who, in order to find itself and to be happy, decides to refuse the throne and all richess. He then becomes a wandering musician.


1. Prologue: Coronation  (0:58)

2. Castle Walls Are Carried Away Up  (4:57)  Video on YouTube

3. Way Of The King  (8:28)

    I. Pride / II. Vanity Or Great Causes? /

    III. Revelation In Loneliness / IV. On Dreamland Roads

4. Young Wind  (5:46)  Video on YouTube

5. Minstrel  (6:40)

6. Who Took - God Or The Devil?  (9:15)

    I. Confusion / II. So Should Be

7. Step By Step  (2:33)

8. Blues Of Friendly Heat  (4:07)

9. Epilogue: Happy Finale  (1:12)




© Vitaly Kiselev - music and produced, arrangement, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, recording and mixing, design.

Release date: October 2013

Lebel: Musea Parallèle (France)












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