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January 30 / 2016 /

Tracklist of the new album

Formed the preliminary track listing for upcoming album:

1. Perseids  (6:49)

2. In A Room With Many Mirrors  (2:26)

3. The Last Meeting  (4:25)

4. Invasion Of Small Creatures  (3:55)

5. The Ocean Of Unspoken Words  (6:45)

6. Free Wind And Home Draft  (3:54)

7. The Secrets Of Nightlife  (3:54)

8. The Great Dumb (Cinema)  (4:13)

9. Early Morning, Late Night (After The Holiday)  (7:35)

December 01 / 2015 /

About the new album

Completely composed the musical material (except guitar and bass) for the next album, the duration of which will last 45-50 minutes. The basis of almost all his music is keyboards.

October 21 / 2015 /

New compositions

Writes music for the next album (title not yet). The style became even closer to symphonic prog, and there are more elements of classical music.

August 15 / 2015 /


Some reviews of the album The First Cosmic:

progpraat.com, musikreviews.de, proggies.ch, backgroundmagazine.nl, artrock.pl.

June 09 / 2015 /


Amazing Universe - video of the title track from the album "The First Cosmic":



June 08 / 2015 /

On FREIA Music label released a new instrumental album "The First Cosmic"


"In this album I tried to express the music of the cosmos as something quite close and dear to humans, although not without frightening mystery..."


CD Packaging is designed as a double (with a turn) digisleeve (12,5x12,5cm).

April 25 / 2015 /  

Page on facebook

Sunrise Auranaut page appeared on facebook.

April 23 / 2015 /

The contract for the release of the album The First Cosmic

An agreement was signed with the label FREIA Music about the release of the third instrumental album "The First Cosmic".

The album release is tentatively scheduled for June 2015.

March 26 / 2015 /

Completed the recording and mixing of the album "The First Cosmic"

September 19 / 2014 /

About the new album

The working title of the new album - "The First Cosmic". Formed a rough track listing, which is likely to remain unchanged:
1. Amazing Universe
2. Nonstop
3. Lost In Deep Space
4. The Cycle Of Desires
5. We Will Meet At The Spaceport
6. The Wisdom Of Mother Earth
7. Incarnation Calls
8. Gravitation
9. Atmosphere And Vacuum
10. Threshold
11. Pristine Planet
Approximate length album 55-60 minutes.

July 20 / 2014 /

The new site design

Made a new "space" website design.

March 07 / 2014 /

The material for the next album

Started songwriting work on material for the next album, as well as the development of the concept and sound. Surely we can say the following: the album will be devoted to space-related and close to the space-rock. Assume the use of new, higher quality, equipment and tools; in addition, I pass on better software to record drums and bass guitar. However, as before, will remain "live" instruments, guitar and synth, and a "live" performance!

February 23 / 2014 /


Fresh review on the album "Way Of The King":
progarchives.com; on rateyourmusic.com.

January 24 / 2014 /

New video

On YouTube, the official Musea channel posted a video for the track "Young Wind":

December 19 / 2013 /

Add in progarchives.com

Sunrise Auranaut project listed as world archive of Progressive rock performers Progarchives.
Page musician:

October 29 / 2013 /

On the Musea Parallele label released a new instrumental album "Way Of The King" in the Progressive/Symphonic rock and Prog-metal style.
"Way Of The King" is very important for me album, both in work and in life in General. Listen to it fully, from beginning to end, without being distracted! I do not believe that this album someone will impress, especially good people!


On the website of the Musea label album is presented here.


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