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KISELEV decided to make every effort to implement his debut ''Childhood's End?'', which displays romance, inner freedom and happiness that any human experiences in early childhood. This instrumental album was released eventually in the spring 2013 on Musea Parallele. Here's a contemporary personal vision of childhood, illustrated with the beauty of Nature, a sea of energy, vivid feelings and images, mystical fear, mystery, magic and belief in miracles, linked with a cosmic inspiration.

The very important for Vitaly KISELEV instrumental concept-album "Way Of The King" was published on Musea Parallele in autumn 2013. Back in 2009, being in the demo, it was very warmly received by the listeners. "Way Of The King" is mostly in the symphonic Progressive rock genre, with frequent incursions into Progressive heavy-metal territory. Music on this album illustrates stories from the life of the king who, in order to find itself and to be happy, decides to refuse the throne and all riches. He then becomes a wandering musician.


Album "The First Cosmic" was released in June 2015. "The First Cosmic" is Kiselev's third studio album. The idea of "The First Cosmic" emerged in late 2013 shortly after the release of "Way Of The King". Kiselev states: "Armed with experience, new equipment and instruments, I wanted a new way to recreate the songs I wrote between 2003 & 2006 on the space theme. It's my favourite theme in music! I'm always inspired by science fiction that I read a lot, as well as TV programs on astronomy and my own observations of the sky through a telescope! At the time I wrote the music as a hobby. For the release of "The First Cosmic" all tracks have been re-arranged, thus all the tracks are quite different from their original. This applies to both arrangements, sound, performance, and melodies. Some of the tracks have become much more elaborate than the original versions. In addition, I wrote new tracks for this album. In total 11 tracks were recorded for the album lasting a little more than 60 minutes. With great enthusiasm I started a studio session in March 2014. As always I recorded everything myself and played electric guitar, acoustic guitar and synths, while, as the bass and drums are digital recordings. In parallel, I designed the album cover. I painted face in profile, is blown through a special device space bubbles, as a symbol of the creation act of the universe and play the higher powers. In April 2015, I finished the album, made the final mixing and sent some demos".

"The First Cosmic" is released and distributed through FREIA Music Label Services.

All music composed, recorded and produced by Vitaly Kiselev (electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizers).


The Ocean Of Unspoken Words is Kiselev's fourth studio album. It is completely instrumental and recorded in his own modest home studio. As always Vitaly Kiselev used some of his old ideas, which were in an embryonic state and which incredibly transformed here into complex musical forms. This album is also written under impression of classical music such as works of Peter Tchaikovsky or Edward Grieg. However, inclusions of orchestration, the sounds of classical grand piano and organs, wrapped in a warm 70's retro, are combined with heavy guitar riffs, seasoned with a variety of modern synth sounds. Vitaly has performed all the parties for electric and acoustic guitars and bass and, as always, acted as producer, engineer and cover designer. All parties on the synthesizers played by Alexander Malakhov.

The Ocean Of Unspoken Words was released on Rock Company label in May 2017.



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